First you'll need to choose a day, write "MY SPA DAY" on your calendar; then schedule nothing more for that day.  You might also consider inviting a special friend or two to join you- what a wonderful way to spend time with some of those folks who mean the most to you!  Do this right now, O.K?


Here is a list of some essential items needed for your perfect spa day.

**A positive open mind, ready for a purely relaxing and renewing day
**Good friends (optional but very nice to have)
**Soothing music
**Bath oils or bubbles
**Facial, manicure, pedicure, supplies
**Body oil and a pleasing aromatic herb like chamomile or mint
**A large bowl
**A couple of smooth rounded stone for a self hot stone massage
**A large and fluffy towel, your favorite lounge attire (your robe and slippers or you favorite pjs)
**Plenty of water to drink to stay hydrated
**An easy low stress breakfast and lunch (suggestions to follow)
**An easy watching/happy ending video
**A notebook and pen or pencil or sketch pad and water colors or colored pencils


Most important, relax and enjoy your day!

8:30  Set-up- get things in place

9:00  Breakfast- eat something light, maybe a smoothy or fruit and a bagel or muffin

10:00  Exercise- walking is a good energizer; breath deeply and enjoy your surroundings when you return home, have a cup of herbal tea, iced or hot, depending on the season

11:00  Time for an herbal bath.  In your tub, add some herbs from the garden, like mint, rose peddles, lavender and/or lemon grass (or use Natural Beauty's Lavender Salt Soak).

11:30  After your bath, do a self massage- maybe use those warm/hot rocks plus using an oil (or use Natural Beauty's The Sensuous Massage Oil or Body Frosting).  Gently squeeze your large muscles including your neck, forearms, waist, hips, thighs, back of calf, etc.  Next, gently squeeze and rub behind your ear, temples, palm and back of hands, ankles, arch of foot and all around toes.  Go slowly and really enjoy this.  Enjoying and relaxing is so important.

12:00  Lunch- eat something special, something that you normally wouldn't choose to eat; treat yourself on this special spa day.  My choice would be a salad; salads are always refreshing.

1:00  After lunch, do a  gentle steam and facial.  In a large bowl, being very careful, pour in hot steaming water.  Sprinkle over the water some more of those garden herbs (or use Natural Beauty's Face Steam).  Putting a large towel over your head and over the steaming bowl, breath in the hot steam and feel the steam on your face.  Enjoy this for as long as you can stand it.  Then dry off your face.  Massage your face with some lotion or something like that (or use Natural Beauty's Golden Moisturizer) remembering to always massage in a circular upward motion.   Pay extra attention to temples, back of neck, forehead, around eyes and lips.  If it is still not 2:00, lay down and put some cool things on your eyes like a cool washcloth or cucumber slices (or try Natural Beauty's Lavender Eye Pillow)  Relax,

REALLY RELAX until 2:00.

2:00  Next, a herbal hand bath (or Natural Beauty's Muscle Soothing Salt Scrub).  Either scrub your hands with something like cornmeal.  Soak your hand for 10 minutes and then do your manicure, if you wish. Do these things while watching your movie.  Other choices might be: reading that book you've always wanted to finish (or start), try writing or reading poetry, drawing or painting, it might be the start of a new hobby!

3:00  It's time for an afternoon yummy snack.  Also time for a foot bath and your pedicure. So, finish your movie (or whatever you've chosen) too.  Soak your feet in an herbal bath or just plain warm water bath. Soak your feet for 10 minutes and then scrub them with cornmeal or something course (like Natural Beauty's Muscle Soothing Salt Scrub works very well).  Rinse and dry.  Relax and continue watching your movie, etc.

4:00  Do some journaling, it has been proven that journaling helps cleanse the mind and soul.   Another wonderful release is artwork or poetry. A cup or glass of herbal tea goes good here.

5:00  Set you dinner cooking and get ready for your evening

If you are a working mom  and/or are just way too busy and don't have from 9:00 to 5:00 to devote to your spa day, you have several options to make it work, for example, you can-

  1. Do what you can accomplish, picking and choosing what is most appealing for you to do
  2. If possible, finish your day in the evening and maybe even include a friend, your husband and/or your children
  3. Finish your spa day another day- how nice- 2 spa days!!
I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed your own spa day and that each and every day will bring your dreams.  Best wishes.                   Signed, Margie


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