Natural Beauty By Margie

Face, skin and body care product made by Margie

It's not only 100% natural, but it is also, GREEN, locally made and contains no VOCs or anything else harmful to your skin and body.










Hi, I'm Margie. I make Natural Beauty By Margie. This is my hobby that I love to share with others who enjoy taking care of their skin naturally, like I do.  The ingredients I use are only from Mother Earth (many I grow myself).  I research and combine herbs and oils that have been coveted and used for centuries because they are truly beneficial to both the skin and spirit.  Natural Beauty by Margie is different because it contains no preservatives so everything you put on your skin is for your skin.  Most other products contain preservatives and chemicals that cost extra and, in my opinion, are detrimental.  Additionally, Natural Beauty products are certainly green, made in the USA and for those in the Chicago area, are locally produced and have absolutely no nasty VOCs.  So, with Natural Beauty, you get just what your skin needs.  Make Natural Beauty By Margie your "in home every day spa."
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Let your beauty be natural !


          When I was a child, my mother was always interested in whole foods and living healthy by eliminating preservatives and chemicals in the home.  I always had an interest in the fun things like making flour out of wheat berries and cooking bread completely from scratch.  However, because I was a child,  I was attracted by bright pretty packaging and the sweet sugary taste of the "coco puffs" cereals, so I never fully appreciated what she was doing for me and the goodness of natural foods.  As I got older and was living on my own in college (working towards my degree in plant and soil science) a great appreciation grew for my favorite little green friends.  It was interesting to relearn about all the good things about plants and about all that we miss because processing removes so much.  Everything is connected; I realized that I didn't want to be so detached from the plants that have supported mankind for so long.  I continued to gather knowledge with the help of my mother, my husband's mother (which is how herb knowledge was passed on for centuries- by women), books and the internet.
           My mom started a food co-op in 1971.  One of my favorite parts about the food co-op  was the natural facial care products. When I was in fifth grade I did an eight-step beauty regimen every night (a little unnecessary for a pre-teen child with baby soft skin); this gave me great pleasure.  I was always fascinated with facial products; taking care of my skin was very important to me.  As I got older, I realized that your skin is you largest organ and it deserves attention. 
          In college, I had another "realization" that I could get even better results if I made my own face wash instead of spending extra on the preservatives, packaging and advertising costs.  So my experimenting began.  I had some failures at first; but nothing that ever hurt my skin so I didn't mind being my own test subject.  The plants that I used are effective but mild.  I loved being in control of what I put on my face.  So, from there I made face wash, lotion, toner, soap and then I decided that I would try to make everything that I ever needed, from bug spray to cooking oils.  Next, I gave my products as gifts to my family.  Because they liked what my products did for them, they encouraged me to market them.  So I did!  And,
Natural Beauty By Margie was born.!!
          In the meantime, my love for plants and nature has brought me to my dream job- I am on the research team,
Ball Innovations, at Ball Horticultural, Co., a diverse worldwide company that is on the cutting edge of ornamental gardening and green living.   Ball not only supplies growers (who, in turn, supplies nurseries, greenhouses and stores worldwide) but also create the latest gardening trends, both for beauty and hardiness.  Developing new green ideas and environmentally sound and friendly products to enhance a eco-friendly life styles is my job!  Besides my huge commitment, my stewardship of our planet and my lust for "green living," I bring to Ball Horticultural, Co. my knowledge of plants, my study of their science and  my love of nature. 
.        And now, I have come to the present.  I want to share my hard work, enthusiasm and love of being natural  with all of you.  As guardians of our planet natural is best!! 
GO GREEN!!!  May I present here, Natural Beauty By Margie.  Thank you and bless you!!


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