As you've probably never experienced before, try this-  take a private flight sightseeing or marveling at a gorgeous sunset in a professionally flown aircraft.  Be pampered with hot cocoa, a snuggy blanket and lots of personal friendly service.  Next is the spa part- you make it happen; take with you, then, the Ultimate Spa Basket and complimentary wine (or champagne) and simply follow directions for a wonder spa experience for two.  Just what could be more exciting and WONDERFUL or romantic!!

Natural Beauty has partnered with Illinois Aviation Academy at DuPage Airport, in West Chicago/ St. Charles, IL, an establishment of excellent reputation in the fields of aviation, education and community outreach.  Please visit them at

Here's the package-

**A 50 minute flight in the Chicago area in a fully certified aircraft with a highly trained pilot
**Hot cocoa, snacks, picture commemorating the event, champagne or wine and glasses and plenty of friendly service
** Margie's best
Ultimate Spa Day Basket For Two   

The Ultimate Flight of Fantasy Price:  $190.00


This is the ultimate luxury "be kind to your special love" experience; here's something for mind, body and spirit.  The Natural Beauty products will cleanse, moisturize and revive. You'll find herbal and aroma therapy to enhance your well-being, also, something for peace of mind, plus a surprise or two.  Included are all of the facial products plus Lavender Salt Soak, Muscle Soothing Salt Scrub and, Massage Oil. The purpose of this spa experience is to bring to your Valentine relaxing peace (and hopefully renewal) in this rush rush world.  Love be yours.

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